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I can't thank you enough! I am half way through "WordPress 101" and already can't believe how incredibly easy it is to use. I have been building sites the long and hard way (Scripting) for the past 3 years and can easily say, "I will never build that way again". Thank you for building Website School, it actually is what I was looking for to advance my skills! ...Very good presentation... Much nicer than a lot of sites, where people are sitting in their bedrooms on a webcam shooting their tutorials... Good, clean work!Skyler S. — Ocala, Florida

You don't know how long I've been looking for help with this! I'm so glad I found your tutorial! Thank you so much!Corina Ramos

Reviews of our Seminars, Live Events and Web Development Training Services

Brett Napoli Founder and Dean of WebSiteSchool, over delivered and under promised on this class. Brett is truly the best instructor I have ever taken a class with. He is the ultimate professional and has Superior Knowledge on WordPress and SEO. I highly recommend to anyone to take a course with Brett and his Team of Experts. What a terrific and wonderful educational experience was had by all.

Brett is a bright light at the end of a very dark tunnel. He gives so much to his students and loves what he does. Anyone would benefit from taking any type of class Brett is instructing. I forgot to mention I am a Certified Trainer with 30+ years of experience. And I know when someone is not just Good, but is GREAT. That is Brett.Hugh Albright. — attended 4 Day Boot Camp, April 2013

If you want to learn anything about websites, from content, to design, to how to drive traffic to your site, or just to meet other like-minded folks, this is the group to join. This was an awesome first meeting. I strongly recommend this group to anyone who has any questions about Websites from the entry level beginner to the very experienced. Brett really knows his stuff, doesn’t talk down to you, and takes the approach of me.
Susan M. — Davie, Florida

Brett is a WordPress expert. He actually runs his own sites in WP so his tips are practical from his own experiences. I love that he teaches you as he sets up your site, so you understand how to do it and its set up correctly the first time. Once you know what you want, it only takes a few of hours to learn and do! I haven't found a better WP info source than Brett and I can't say enough good things about him & working with him. Totally worth it!
Jamie Maloney — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This class was both a great overview as well as extremely comprehensive. As a lay(wo)man in this field, I feel confident to be able to now build a decent website for myself. Thank you so much, Brett!
Lisa Lothian, attended WordPress 101 Full Day Training Seminar — Pompano Beach, Florida

Loads of information. Brett is very knowledgeable, he openly and very generously shares his expertise.
Karen Smith, attended WordPress 101 Training Seminar — Pompano Beach, Florida

It was a great meetup, I left feeling informed and excited to use WordPress. Brett explains things really well.
Constantine Ioannidis, attended WordPress 101 Full Day Training Seminar — Pompano Beach, Florida

Great class…. Cant wait to take the next course. Wish all my professors were this good.
Gary Brook, attended WordPress Training Seminar for Intermediate Users — Davie, Florida

Very useful. Lots of new information at a good pace.
Lynn M., attended WordPress Training Seminar for Intermediate Users — Davie, Florida

Brett did a great job. The training was very informative.
Ron Rubens, attended WordPress Training Seminar for Intermediate Users — Davie, Florida

Brett is the "real deal" in that he is extremely knowledgeable about WordPress and SEO issues... and equally important, he is able to teach those skills to a lay person such as myself. I look forward to continuing my Word press education with his guidance. Very worthwhile meetup! Group was small ... being so small allowed us to cover a lot of ground in a short time.
Mike — Miami, Florida

Great and knowledgeable people. Highly recommend.
Kristine Z.

I would recommend it for a overall seminar. Try to come prepared with some knowledge of WordPress so you can follow through with the fast pace setting of the class. Was a It was a very informative overview of the subject.
>Rosanna E., attended WordPress Training 101 Full Day Seminar

Wordpress Training Seminar

I strongly recommend attending this WordPress Group. It is awesome, the people and the trainer / Instructor Brett makes a fun group.
John T., attended WordPress Training 101 Full Day Seminar — Pompano Beach, Florida

The training was great. Brett was excellent when it came to answering questions, explaining details in full, showing examples, and providing great resources as well as advice. I learned a lot.
Dana, attended WordPress Training 101 Full Day Seminar

This was a great Seminar. I would recommend it to everybody. I learned a lot that day and I am excited to soon build my first webpage with WordPress. I still have some small questions but that is okay. I will just keep in contact with Brett who did an amazing job.
Nicole R., attended WordPress Training 101 Full Day Seminar

Very detailed and thorough. Small and Intimate Group that was almost as good as a 1 on 1 training session. Strongly recommend!
Glenn Siesser, attended WordPress Training 101 Full Day Seminar

Brett Napoli acts professionally and knows well WordPress. However, I will suggest this seminar to people that are just starting as it was too basic for me, but I enjoyed my time there.
Sergio, attended WordPress Training 101 Full Day Seminar

Great meetup! Learned a lot and at the end was very excited to try out what I had learned. Very worth, great job Brett!
Alex, attended WordPress Training 101 Full Day Seminar

Brett knows what he’s talking about. I’m very excited about WordPress now!Daniel Wasinger, CID Creative

Met expectations, and was happy that Brett was extra willing to help others with their WordPress issues.
Steve Sicherman

Great idea and the only place I've found to learn WordPress. Brett is very helpful!Aviva S.

Very helpful -- learned some new ideas, tools.
Celestino Pena

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