Facebook Social Plugins are scripts of code you can add to your website that display interactive content you've added to Facebook. A Facebook "Like Box" Plugin has a link to your Facebook Page, a button to Like your Facebook Page without leaving the website your plugin appears on, a stream of your latest activity and thumbnail images of people who have Liked your Facebook Page.

Video Tutorial


  1. Navigate your browser to http://www.facebook.com/plugins
  2. Click on the 6th selection down from the top, "Like Box"
  3. In the first box titled "Facebook Page URL", put the fill URL of your Facebook Page
  4. The "Width" is the width of your plugin in pixels
  5. Use the "light" color scheme on light websites, and "dark" on websites with darker backgrounds.
  6. Select "Show Faces" if you'd like the thumbnails of your fan's faces to show up
  7. If you'd like to add a border, input the hex code for that color in the "Border Color" box. Be sure to include the # symbol.
    • Example: For a red border you would use "#ff0000" without the quotes.
  8. "Stream" is the activity feed from your Facebook Page. Status updates, shared links and photos. Check or uncheck the box for it to show or hide.
  9. "Header" is the blue border on top of the plugin that reads "Find Us on Facebook." Check or uncheck this box if you'd like the header to show or hide.
  10. Click the "Get Code" button
  11. Copy and Paste the entire contents of the box into the HTML of your website somewhere between the <body></body> tags
  12. If you are using WordPress, we recommend placing this code in a "Widget" and placing it in the sidebar or footer of your website

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