The purpose of a Facebook Page is to connect people to your business or brand using a social networking utility known as Facebook. A�Using short messages or "status updates" you can easily and instantly share photos, videos, links and information with people who visit your page and the hundreds of millions of members in the Facebook community.

The information on your Facebook Page is also streamed directly to all of your "Facebook Fans" on the homepage or "News Feed" when they log into their Facebook account. Members can become fans or followers of your content by clicking the "Like" button found at the top of your Facebook Page.

Video Tutorial


  1. Login to your Facebook account or create one
  2. Navigate your web browse to
  3. In the top right corner of this page beneath the blue bar you'll see the "Create Page" button
  4. Choose the type of Page you'd like to create by clicking on one of the 6 categories:
    • Local Business or Place
    • Company, Organization or Institution
    • Brand or Product
    • Artist, Band or Public Figure
    • Entertainment
    • Cause or Community
  5. Once you click on your selection, completely and accurately fill out the requested fields with the name of your page, the location, category, etc.
    • Note: Be sure to type in the name of your page accurately and using the proper cases. For example, if you want to call your page "Website School" be sure not to forget a capital letter a�� you won't be able to fix it later. This would be wrong: "Website school"
  6. Check the box to Agree to the Facebook Pages Terms
    • Be sure to read and understand this document
  7. Click the blue "Get Started" button
  8. Here you'll have 3 steps: Profile Photo, Get Fans and Basic Info
    • You can choose to fill out the information for these pages or click "Skip" in the bottom right corner to move past them.
  9. Click the blue "Continue" button in the bottom right corner until you've advanced through all three steps.
  10. Now you'll be looking directly at your new Facebook Page.

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