This free video tutorial explains How to Add a Facebook Like Box (or a Facebook Social Plugin) to a WordPress Website. These step by step directions will help you add a Facebook Like Box in the Widgets section of your site. You could add this Facebook Widget to your sidebar, footer or essentially anywhere on your WordPress Website.

Facebook Social Plugins are scripts of code you can add to your website that display interactive content you've added to Facebook. A Facebook "Like Box" Plugin has a link to your Facebook Page, a button to Like your Facebook Page without leaving the website your plugin appears on, a stream of your latest activity and thumbnail images of people who have Liked your Facebook Page.

Video Tutorial


  1. First, create a Facebook Like BoxA�for your Facebook Page, we have a free video tutorial explaining it here.
  2. Once you've created your Like Box, login to your WordPress website (
  3. On the left sidebar, click on the "Appearance" tab
  4. Inside the Appearance tab, select "Widgets"
  5. From the "Active Widgets" area, select a "Text" widget and drag it to the Sidebar, Footer or wherever you'd like the plugin to appear
  6. Paste the entire code for your Like Box into your Text widget area
  7. Save and Close the widget
  8. Go back to your website and refresh the page. Your new widget will appear in the sidebar, footer or wherever you decided to place the plugin.

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