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Website School is dedicated to Timothy J. Napoli, the inspiration.

The Internet is your friend. Don't worry, we'll introduce you.

Welcome to Website School, your latest investment in knowledge! Website School was established in 2011 to empower anybody anywhere to learn, understand and prosper with the Internet. Website School consists of live training seminars and events, online video tutorials and a membership site containing our latest and greatest resources, valuable tips and guidance.

We teach people how to empower and grow their businesses with a professional online presence.

Learn how to build and maintain websites and how to market them to the right audience.  Learn how to use tools like WordPress, Search, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and marketing to build or grow a successful online business. The web is a magnificent tool if you understand how to use it. Website School is an education for beginners, intermediate users and experts alike. We look forward to empowering you with knowledge and prospering together.

Welcome to orientation, let the learning begin!


The training was great. Brett was excellent when it came to answering questions, explaining details in full, showing examples, and providing great resources as well as advice. I learned a lot.
Dana, attended WordPress Training 101 Full Day Seminar

Very detailed and thorough. Small and Intimate Group that was almost as good as a 1 on 1 training session. Strongly recommend!
Glenn S., attended WordPress Training 101 Full Day Seminar

This class was both a great overview as well as extremely comprehensive. As a lay(wo)man in this field, I feel confident to be able to now build a decent website for myself. Thank you so much, Brett!
Lisa L, attended WordPress 101 Full Day Training Seminar 

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