Anyone trying to learn how to create a website, get professional WordPress training, become educated on how to how to improve their "web presence" or really understand what it takes to get your site ranked high by Google should consider attending the first of its kind, three-day web development training boot camp.

The WordPress and web development training camp is hosted by Ambition Insight, a Fort Lauderdale web design and WordPress training agency.

WSx Web Development Boot Camp


The training camp will be held Monday, October 22 through Wednesday, October 24 at the Crexent Center in Davie.

"We chose to run this at the Crexent Center for a couple reasons," said Website School Founder and Dean, Brett Napoli.  "First, the room itself is perfect.  It's just the right size and has everything the participants would need.  Second, the location in Davie is as central as you can get to all points in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We couldn't hand pick a place any more in the middle of South Florida than this location."

Website School Training RoomLearning to build a powerful website that is not only user-friendly but also search engine friendly is just one of the tools that attendees will take away from this event.  Says Napoli, “People will realize that building a website doesn’t have to take months.  As a matter of fact, once the content is written, a basic yet effective site can be built and launched in a single day.  We’ll show you every step necessary to build your own site.  This course will save small- and mid-sized businesses buckets of time and stacks of money on just the first project they are able to complete on their own as opposed to hiring a web development firm to do it for them.”

Ron Rubens is a South Florida businessman who has attended two of Website School’s previous one-day training sessions." Rubens stated,

"The courses made me realize that the back-ends of websites really aren’t something I need to be ‘afraid of’.   I’ve seen the light and now I know that when you build on a solid platform like WordPress and use a powerful theme like Pagelines and then integrate some of the amazing plug-ins that Brett showed us, this whole process is MUCH easier than I had ever anticipated."

One of the best takeaways from the upcoming three-day training is that attendees will learn in three days what has taken Napoli ten years to figure out.

For example, when creating a contact form for a website, there are dozens, if not hundreds of plug-ins you could use.  Brett has tried several over the years and now, through all those trials, he has found one to be the most powerful and easiest to use.  Simply learning about that plug-in and then spending 15 minutes discovering how to use it will save people countless hours of searching and work when they are building out their own site.

Naturally, the 3-day training will start on Day 1 with the basics before advancing to the intermediate level concepts discussed on Day 2.  By Day 3, students will be ready to build their own sites and discover the ins and outs of true, real, organic, white-hat SEO strategies.

WordPress for Beginners Seminar

Beyond learning to optimize the sites that students will be able to build, they will also learn how to build a strong and wide online web presence.  Certainly, the website is the core of a business’ web presence, but there are countless additional ways to expand and build your name online so that potential site visitors, i.e. your potential new customers can find you and get the pertinent information they are searching for.

This course is designed ideally for two sets of people.  The first set is those people who work for small to mid-sized business and want to be able to “call their own shots” when it comes to building and / or improving their company’s website and online presence.  The others who may find this training not only useful, but also profitable, are those people who want to either make a living or supplement their incomes by helping other businesses.

Prior to taking the course, Brett is suggesting and inviting individuals to become members at  There are a limited number of free memberships available which give members access to a wealth of tutorials, videos, articles, advice, tips, “best-of” lists and so much more.  By becoming a member now and getting familiar with the content that Website School has made available, students will be that much better prepared for the October training camp.

Seating at the event is capped at just 16 students so that everyone will have easy access to Brett and the other trainers throughout the course.  Priced at only $435, it is estimated that the course will sell out well in advance of the October 22 start date.  Napoli has announced a $50 discount as an added incentive for becoming a Website School member and for booking before October 1st.

"We want to make sure that the students are as prepared as possible before the training begins.  To that end we have elected to offer the course for $385, a $50 savings to those people who show an early interest in the course.  Individual days are available at $145 each."

If you are interested in attending, you can register for the course here.  Of course, you can also contact Website School if you have any questions or you can call Brett at 203-233-1686.

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